Individual Therapy

Clients often come to therapy seeking relief from feelings of frustration, grief, anger and despair.  You may be feeling depressed because of difficulty in a relationship.  Perhaps you are unsatisfied with your job.  You may be struggling with an illness, addiction, or life transition.  Whatever you are going through, it can be very difficult to find your way on your own.

In our work together, we will create a relationship based on understanding and openness.  Through this relationship, we will build the capacity for self-awareness, communication, acceptance, and a greater sense of personal authenticity.

As a therapist, I offer a warm, attentive and engaged presence to help clients with their struggle to find the path that leads to a greater sense of wholeness and well-being.



Couples Therapy

Couples often come to therapy when the relationship is at a tipping point.

You may be seeking counseling because you are finding it difficult to feel tenderness that was once easy to share with each other.  Perhaps you find yourself feeling frustrated with repetitive arguments that only lead to despair. 

I work with couples to break the cycle of pain and frustration.  I gently provide space for clients to authentically express themselves and listen to their partners without blame.  This process of communication builds new connections that allows for you to know yourself and each other as you build a deeper and more meaningful relationship.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call me at 415-522-7352 or contact me here.