Relational Psychotherapy

According to the latest neuroscience, human beings are biologically wired for emotional connection. Because of this, our emotional well-being is intimately connected to our relationships with others.

Relational Psychotherapy is based on relationship. Who we believe we are and how we relate to others is deeply connected to the responses that we got from our earliest caregivers. Challenging these beliefs requires new experiences in a caring and empathic relationship. As we move through our hurt and shame in connection to a loving other, we can uncover our vulnerable, joyful, authentic self.

The Power of Vulnerability
The video below is a TED talk by Brene Brown. Brene has done amazing research on human connection and relationship. I have been very moved by her work on shame, empathy and vulnerability.

The Importance of Empathy
Jeremy Rifkin explores the evolution of empathy and the profound ways that it has shaped our development and our society. Our ability to empathize is one of the deepest expressions of our connection as human beings and is necessary for relationships to flourish.

RSA Animate – Empathic Civilisation from The RSA on Vimeo.